Sometimes the changing seasons tend to take their toll on our skin. In late fall, the temperatures drop even more steadily, leaving our skin feeling dry and irritated. If your skin needs a little extra care this November, stop by the Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea for one of our facials.

Although we are well known for our hair removal services, including waxing, sugaring and threading, some of you may not be aware of our skin care services. Check out our different facials:

Rejuvenating Diamond Facial

As we age, our skin can grow dull without the proper care. This facial can help rejuvenate the skin. First, we extract toxins from the skin and apply a treatment that uses diamond particles, date extract and the mineral Tankana to help boost your cell regeneration.

Deep Cleansing Gold Facial

If you are looking to detoxify your skin, try this facial, which gently but deeply cleans your pores. We use a cream and a masque that contains 24-carat gold particles and herbs to release impurities in your skin and boost new cell growth. Helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, your skin will look and feel radiant following this treatment.

Acne Treatment Facial

Even if you suffer from acne, this treatment helps control acne using nutrients derived from the Neem tree. Not only will this treatment sooth and protect your skin, it also contains microbial properties to help keep acne at bay. In this treatment, your skin receives the nutrients it needs to reduce irritation.

Dermabrasive Oxygen Facial

Does your skin appear dull and tired? This facial deeply penetrates the surface of your skin so that it absorbs the oxygen, moisture and nutrients completely. Not only will your skin appear more radiant, this facial helps prevent your skin from inflammation, breakouts and age spots. Your skin texture will feel smoother and firmer and be more deeply hydrated.

Herbal Facial

If you are seeking a facial that lasts under an hour, check out our herbal facial, which uses Ayurvedic ingredients to nourish and replenish your skin. First, we deep clean and perform extractions, then we apply the herbal masque to revitalize your skin and provide deep moisture.

Fair Complexion Pearl Facial

If you would like to fade age spots or dark patches on your skin, try this Ayurvedic skin brightening treatment. With age-fighting proteins and nutrients, you skin will appear brighter and feel deeply hydrated.

Express Facial

If you’re on the go, consider our express facial, which only takes 30 minutes. Just because this treatment is short does not mean that it’s ineffective. We deep clean, tone, exfoliate and apply a treatment masque to your skin. Following the treatment, your skin will appear more balanced and feel incredibly smooth.

Back Skin Care Treatment Facial

Do you experience breakouts on your back? Try this Ayurvedic treatment, which not only reduces inflammation but relieves tired muscles.

If you are interested in experiencing one of our amazing facials, make an appointment at our facial spa in Chelsea, Flatiron or the Garment District. Contact the Unique Threading Salon today to make an appointment.