Everyone could use more time in a day. Whether you spend a good hour in the mirror in the morning or you like to wash your face and run out the door, one area where we could all save some more time is grooming. Between cutting and styling your hair, caring for your skin, and hair removal, it can feel like maintaining yourself is a huge portion of your day. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Find a Signature Look

A lot of time can be wasted in the mornings when you struggle through your makeup routine. If you have to decide what color eyeshadow to wear every day, what lipstick to choose, and how to style your hair, you can easily add 20 minutes to your morning routine. Keep it simple by choosing a signature look. Maybe you rock a cat eye on the daily, or you are known for your high pony à la Ariana Grande. Whatever your preferred look, you will know it down pat, which helps to save you many minutes in the morning.

Get the Right Haircut

Another time suck in the morning goes into styling your hair. Sometimes, we all have those days where you just can’t quite get your hair just right. This means you spend an extra ten minutes trying to tame your locks. Save yourself the trouble from the beginning by investing in a good haircut that’s low maintenance. This way, you can brush your hair and be out the door in no time.

Keep Your Brows Groomed

As we wrote in a previous blog, eyebrows are key to defining your face. Instead of spending a long time grooming your brows or filling them in every morning, come visit us at Unique Threading Salon! We can provide our threading services in Chelsea so you can have sleek, gorgeous brows with minimal effort.

Use Overnight Skincare

You can save time in your skincare routine in the morning by doing more overnight skincare. Instead of lathering on a moisturizer in the morning, apply a heavier night cream so your skin will look healthy and hydrated. In addition, if you’re dealing with a breakout, put your acne treatment on the night before so your skin can heal while you sleep.

Plan Your Outfits Ahead of Time

Don’t waste time in the morning deciding what you’re going to wear. You can save yourself a lot of mental energy by picking your outfit out the night before. Save some time in the morning while still looking dressed to impress with this tip.

Get Waxed

Your current hair removal method might be more time-consuming than it’s worth. Why spend your time shaving your body when you could be shaving minutes off your grooming routine? When you get professionally waxed, you can expect to have smooth, hairless skin for three weeks between appointments. When you add up all of the time you no longer spend shaving, you can get a lot more done without worrying about unsightly body hair. Contact Unique Threading Salon today to schedule your waxing appointment in Chelsea!