When you come in for your first Brazilian wax, you might be feeling a bit uncomfortable. After all, you are showing a very intimate part of your body to a stranger. Many people find the thought of sitting in silence while you get a wax to be awkward, but… what do you even talk about? Fortunately, our wax technicians at Unique Threading Salon are a friendly bunch who should have no problem making you feel comfortable. That being said, you might feel less anxious if you have a couple of conversational topics in your back pocket. Here are some subjects that are perfect for discussing with your wax technician.

The Weather

The weather is a perfect fall back topic, regardless of the specific circumstances. It’s a completely neutral subject that everyone has an opinion on and causes no controversy. Feel free to talk about the weather today, the weather tomorrow, your favorite type of weather, or an interesting weather-related story.

Your Weekend Plans

Who doesn’t love thinking about all the fun they’re going to have this weekend? Chances are, there is plenty of conversation to be made about your respective weekends and what you plan to do. Ask your wax technician about their weekend plans, and let them know what you have going on. This could easily carry you through the entirety of the wax.


Everyone has something to say about food. Whether it’s what you’re making for dinner tonight, your favorite dish from childhood, or the latest diet you’re trying, there are endless things you can talk about when it comes to food.

Your Pets

Puppy pictures? Yes please! If you’re an animal lover with a furry friend at home, we’re sure you have thousands of amusing stories to tell about them. If your waxer has a pet too, forget it. You will have more to talk about than can possibly fit within the duration of a Brazilian wax!

Your Family

Whether it is your family of origin or your family of choice, you have plenty to talk about when it comes to family. If you have kids, there are plenty of topics you can get into, especially if your waxer also has kids. You might also share some fond childhood memories of your own.

Your Job

It takes up most of your time, so we bet that you have a list a mile long of job-related topics. Your wax technician may enjoy learning about how you spend your days, and you might feel much more comfortable spending some time reflecting on something you know well.

Your Last Vacation

Why not take a moment to escape to the past? Your waxer would be happy to go along for the trip! Everyone loves going on vacation, and chances are, you have a whole bunch of stories for your last time on the road. Regale your waxer with tales of your last trip, whether it is how wonderful it was to relax on the beach or an amusing misadventure of losing your luggage.

At Unique Threading Salon, it doesn’t matter to us what you want to talk about; we’re happy to provide you with our hair removal services in Chelsea regardless! Contact us today to schedule your next Brazilian.