I’m sure we all know someone who has an irrational fear. Some people are afraid of sharks even though they’ve never been to the ocean, others may have a fear of clowns. My fear? Hair removal via wax. What’s to worry about, right? You go in, they slather, they rip, you pay, the end. But it haunted me.

The tale starts not unlike many others; Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was young, inexperienced, self-conscious, short on funds, and hairy…okay, maybe that’s not a part of all the other stories, but it SURE WAS a part of mine. As a young college student, raised by a hippy mom who had never set foot in a salon, I was apprehensive about the idea of going to get waxed for a number of reasons:

I was embarrassed by my likeness to Teen Wolf.

This is, perhaps, the most prominent reason for my aversion. So, I know that there are many women who deal with unwanted hair. I also know that my hair issues were, by no means, the worst case that’s ever existed. However, when you don’t grow up in a world in which getting a mustache waxed is normal, you assume that maybe you’re the only Burt Reynolds look-alike around.
I also had myself convinced that the waxing artist would, of course, be offended or grossed out by the mountain of hair that she would be removing from me. Little did I know that the woman who cleansed me of my body hair would be one of the sweetest, most precious women I’ve encountered.

I assumed that getting my obnoxious hairs removed by a pro would cost me more than my college tuition.

Being a young ignoramus, hippy-girl, raised by my all-natural mother, I was not familiar with what waxing actually cost. As it turns out, waxing is not expensive! It’s SO worth it for the convenient, full-body baldness that it can provide. But my assumption was always that if my mom can’t afford it, I probably can’t either. And since I was deathly afraid of women hair-judging me anyway (see above), ignorance was, indeed, bliss.

I assumed that the pain from removing my thatches and patches would be similar to that of medieval torture.

Again, because of my inexperience with salons in general, and my previously mentioned assumptions, I did not feel the need to research or change my thinking on this. In my mind, getting waxed must have been a form of extreme masochism and I wasn’t into that. But it turns out I was being a TAD dramatic. Does it hurt? A bit. But it’s a quick pain that is over in seconds with results that last a lifetime…or four to six weeks. Still, hands down, worth it!

What can I say? I’m older and wiser and I’m no longer bamboozled by my own irrational fear and assumptions about waxing. I’m proud to say that I’ve faced my worst nightmare of getting waxed and I actually had an amazing first experience which was followed by a bunch more amazing experiences after that. Professional hair removal can be a super positive experience and it’s definitely one that you should try. Contact our salon now to set up an appointment!