dreamstime_xxl_50746730 Unique Threading Salon knows how time-consuming maintaining your appearance is. You have to keep up with the best trends, hairstyles, and hair removal techniques. One day hair’s in, and the next day its out. If you want to get rid of your body hair, and make it long lasting, look into our sugaring hair removal services. They offer a more natural paste, less painful, and longer lasting results for your hair removal needs.

If you haven’t read part 1 of this blog series, check it out now! Keep learning about the amazing benefits sugaring hair removal has to offer.

Easier to Clean

Not only is the sugaring compound easier to clean up for hair removal from the esthetician’s perspective, it’s also easy to remove from the skin. If you have ever been waxed before you may notice a sticky residue left on your skin.

With sugaring the solution is water soluble, so it will not stick to live cells, such as the skin. It will leave skin feeling soft and smooth, and it gives the esthetician an easier time to clean up after each hair removal session.

Sugar doesn’t drysugar

Hopefully, you have never come across this in your hair removal sessions, but sometimes regular wax will dry on the skin and will need to be removed. This is very painful, and it’s basically like re-waxing the same area till the previous wax is removed.

With sugaring, the hair removal process is quick and easy! Sugaring doesn’t dry on the skin, so it can sit for as long as you would like it too. However, Unique Threading Salon makes sure you hair removal process is as fast and comfortable as possible.

Sugaring is more sanitary

No one want’s to question what has been going on in that pot of wax all day. With sugaring hair removal, you only have to get the mixture out of the pot one time through the whole application. Also, the sugar content is so high bacteria is not able to multiply within the originating pot of the sugaring hair removal compound.

If any of this intrigues you and you want to see if this hair removal process is right for you, come check out our amazing salon in Chelsea. At Unique Threading Salon we love what we do, and we love making people feel confident in their own skin. Schedule your appointment today! Check back for part three of this blog series!