You may be under the impression that massages are only for the super wealthy or the occasional luxury, but in reality, massage therapy has powerful healing properties that can help you with a variety of health conditions. These days, you can find affordable massages in a variety of places, including at Unique Threading Salon. When you come in for a massage, we will do everything in our power to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience that will directly benefit your health and wellbeing. This service is no longer considered a high-end indulgence; in fact, it’s now common for doctors to prescribe massage as a way to cope with a variety of health conditions. In this blog, we will go over what massage is, why it is used to benefit people with health problems, and what advantages it can offer you.

What is Massage?

Massage is the use of specific rubbing techniques to manipulate the muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons in the body. These techniques may range from gentle, light strokes to deep penetration of the tissue, depending on the intended effect and particular health concern. At Unique Threading Salon, we use a type of holistic massage called Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage is a specialized technique that has a centuries long history in India. Using special massage oil, we manipulate the muscles of your body to promote detoxification of your body and healing of your spirit and mind. This detoxifying massage can offer a wide variety of benefits for many health conditions, but even if you don’t have a specific health concern in mind, a Ayurvedic massage is extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

Why Massage?

Two of the most important ways to can benefit from massage is the relief of both stress and pain. In New York, many people experience stress on a daily basis due to our fast-paced way of life. Whether your stress is from work or your personal issues, too much stress causes a variety of health issues. Stress is deeply detrimental to our bodies, so it is important to use healthy stress-relief techniques to combat it, including massage. You may have no control over the amount of stress you experience on a day to day basis, but you can treat it with massage.

Additionally, if you are one of the millions of people who experience chronic pain, or you have recently suffered an injury that is causing you pain, you may benefit from massage. If you have tight muscles, weak muscles, swelling, or muscle spasms, all of which cause pain, you can ease your pain with massage. Reducing pain helps people with health conditions heal, as their bodies are able to focus less on pain and more on healing.

How Else Can I Benefit From Massage?

Beyond the general stress and pain relief properties of massage, there are many different ways you can benefit from massage.

Fight postural stress

Do you have an office job that requires you to be seated most of the day? Chances are, you are experiencing postural stress. When we spend all day sitting, it weakens your lower back and glute muscles, which contributes to poor posture. Poor posture then in turn causes neck, back, and shoulder pain. However, if you get regular massages, you can offset the negative side effects of sitting all day. If you are an office worker who has poor posture and pain, coming into Unique Threading Salon for regular massages may help you.

Ease anxiety and depression

While you may find the physical health benefits of massage obvious, you may not realize that there are also mental benefits to massage. When you receive a massage, your body is triggered to release serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that are associated with good mood. Additionally, simply experiencing human touch is therapeutic, which is probably not surprising if you have ever received a hug from a loved one when you were feeling down.

Better sleep

If you have difficulty sleeping, then regular massages may be the key to helping you catch more z’s. When you get a massage, it relaxes your muscles. Muscle tension often contributes to difficulty sleeping, so getting a massage may help you get more restful sleep.

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