Whether you have a big date, job interview, or just are over that constant stubble, sugar waxing is a great hair removal technique. Sugar waxing is a great way to remove those pesky and unwanted body hairs in multiple places on the body. Have silky, smooth, and hair-free skin for weeks instead of days!

At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, we want to give you a waxing treatment above the rest. Sugar waxing is an alternative to traditional waxing and uses wonderful and beneficial ingredients for the skin. However, there are plenty of myths out there that may have deterred you from getting sugar waxing. Today in this post, we will debunk these myths and let you know how fabulous sugar waxing really is!

Myths of Sugar Waxing

  • I don’t want sticky skin.

Most people believe because “sugar” is the name of this hair removal process, that it will their skin feeling viscous and gooey, and you may want to shower immediately afterward. Well, we have good news, this is not accurate whatsoever. When you come get a sugar wax with the professionals at our salon, you will see how much easier it is to clean up the excess wax. The substance used for sugaring is water-soluble. Traditional wax contains materials that can only be removed with oils. Sugar waxing will make you feel cleaner than when you went into the salon!

  • I know sugar waxing is not very hygienic.

Fun Fact: Bacteria cannot reproduce in high concentrates of sugar. What this means is that sugar waxing is more sanitary than traditional waxing. You can be assured that our sugar waxing standards go above and beyond keeping you safe. We don’t double dip when waxing and we follow all standard health protocols.

  • I have diabetes so I can’t do the sugar waxing.

Many people believe the sugar will harm them if they have this condition. The sugar waxing will only affect an individual with diabetes if the paste is ingested. The sugar waxing is completely safe if you suffer from diabetes as it is all natural, not hot, and contains no resins.

  • I don’t want my hair to grow back twice as fast and thicker as ever.

Sugar waxing, over time, will actually dissipate your hair follicle and lead to less hair growth overall. Everyone is different but your hair will not be growing back at an alarming rate or thicker for that matter. The ideal time to come in for your sugar waxing is about every four weeks.

Hopefully debunking these myths will ease your mind and get you excited about scheduling an appointment with us in Chelsea. Learn more about our amazing hair removal techniques and call us to set up your sugar waxing today!